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Holidays are always great until you bring kids into the mix. I have decided this is a fact and cannot ever be proven otherwise.

My kids, all 3 of the little ankle biters, have been so annoying today that I think I would trade them for a butterball turkey. Or just give them away so I can have the one I paid for in PEACE.

Thank God we're getting them dressed and shipping them to my parents for the night.

Mommy needs to get tanked and forget they ever existed for a night :)
Btw, I love them deeply :)
Just not right now :)

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!
Tags: help me, kill kids, thanksgiving
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I so hear that. I am going to the ex's today and all 4 kids will be there including gf's and infants. wheee. They do grow up eventually tho.

enjoy your evening alone, and be careful, or you might end up with another ankle biter......

have a great holiday.
everyone deserves a night of alcohol-induced fun.


and happy turkey day!
Holidays are always great until you bring Marc into the mix.

I'd trade him for a butterball turkey too.
I bet Lilly gives you alot of relaxation too. So relaxing to lay on the sofa with a puppy snoozing right beside you. By the way...... why tease us??????? You post pics of a beautiful little puppy and then you dont post anymore pics. I wanna see him!!!!!!!!!!
My BIL has one grown Boxer and they just got another puppy (which they plan to breed and Im so against that). I was thinking once we get our Christmas tree up that it would be cute to place Kaylee and the Boxer puppy in front of the tree for a Christmas picture and might possibly use that for our Christmas cards. But I can imagine how well a hyper Boxer is going to sit still long enough for a picture.