Jennifer, Jenn, and my favorite: Mommy (fallenlilys) wrote,
Jennifer, Jenn, and my favorite: Mommy

Anxious! Welcome!

As you can see, I have no layout. You guys were way too anxious!
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It's a journal, it doesn't have to be

Just get a layout and put it up.
David is making me one.... :)
Is this your new journal?
i guess you really like lilies.
yeah. lol. I liked Incipientmom but I orginally had made that sn under AOL, and AOL didnt let me keep that under AIM. So I had to make it "incipietmommy"--and I didn't like that.

Plus, I wanted my email, sn, and lj to match.
i've got the whole sarcazm thing going on EVERYWHERE. sometimes with a 7. something with a 107, sometimes, when i'm lucky, without.

i made it when i was 10. go figure.
one of these days I need to get smart, and make myself a page layout.
oh come on now.... You fancy up your ebay auctions surely you can do a lj layout. Im the one thats not smart enough to fancy up my lj layout.
This is the journal you made about a year ago and then went back to your other one isnt it?